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Awakening the Portal Within... Remember who you truly are and discover the life of meaning and connection you are here to live GET STARTED

“I help people transform the stressors and trauma of living in a complex, volatile and uncertain world, to develop resiliency, and to reconnect and align with their True Self and The Earth, and thus live and thrive from a heart-centered place grounded in authenticity, connection, grace and ease”

~Rosaria Cabrera, RN, BSN, RCST

Integrative Somatic Trauma Coach
Sacred Embodiment
Body-Mind Practitioner

I suspect you are here because…

You are dedicated to your expansion and growth,

  • Maybe you are looking to transform trauma from a somatic and spiritual perspecive
  • Maybe you yearn for deeper meaning and purpose
  • Maybe you long for fulfilling connections to others, yourself and Mother Earth…

Life has brought you to this moment- ripe with the potential for deep and lasting transformation and meaning.

Welcome to Sacred Embodiment

I am dedicated to humanity’s collective  shift and upleveling in  consciousness. This process starts with you…

Within these pages you will discover many opportunities to reconnect with your True Self and uncover the radiant life you are here to live- A life rich with meaning and purpose as you contribute to the important personal and planetary work of conscious evolution  


Please, grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax as you explore the many treasures that lie within both these pages, and YOU! 


With love,


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Are you ready to awaken the portal within?

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