Meet Rosaria
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Meet Rosaria

Roots of Sacred Embodiment

Rosaria Cabrera developed Sacred Embodiment out of over 20 years of professional experience assisting individuals and communities to discover their inner strength, health and wisdom in order to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, thus living from a place anchored in authenticity, resiliency and ease. 


This professional journey was greatly inspired by her personal quest to live the full radiance of life she is here to live, untethered and unbound by past conditioning and experiences. Living deeply and contributing to the evolution of humanity.



Expertise and Training

As a registered nurse, researcher, author, and mind-body practitioner Rosaria has extensive experience and training in a variety of approaches and therapies, including: 

  • Professional Mind-Body Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Trauma Informed Somatic Processing
  • HeartMath® Certified Coach/Mentor
  • Interactive Guided Imagery
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Energy Medicine- over 30 years extensive experience studying and practicing with Masters from all over the world
  • Degrees in Human Biology and Nursing (10+ years of higher education)
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (3 year post-graduate program)

“…registered nurse, researcher, author, and mind-body practitioner…”

Realms of Experience

Over the course of her career Rosaria has brought her skills and expertise to a variety of realms: hospitals; hospice; international development; working with children, families, and communities in private practice; as well as bio-medical research. 

Research and Awards

In addition to her clinical and therapeutic experience Rosaria has numerous research studies published in peer-reviewed journals, and has received awards, nationally and internationally, recognizing the cutting edge nature of her research and educational/transformational programs she has developed.

Innate Gifts and Attributes

Rosaria’s extensive training and clinical background is coupled with her innate gifts and attributes. She is a visionary, futurist, and naturally born clairvoyant. She is able to see and perceive and sense beyond the traditionally acknowledged senses (a skill she believes most people have whether they are consciously aware of it or not). This innate capacity coupled with her inquisitive scientific nature has led her to examine and study much of what she perceives for validity, truth and meaning for our conscious evolution.

“She is a visionary, futurist, and naturally born clairvoyant.”

Sacred Embodiment   is Born

Over the course of two+ decades of working professionally with individuals and groups Rosaria has synthesized a body of understanding of the key areas necessary for deep inner work that lead to growth, healing and profound evolution in consciousness. She has paired this with her personal experience and insights to bring forward Sacred Embodiment innovative teachings and approaches to personal and collective transformation and evolution in consciousness.

Compassion and Inclusion Foster Transformation

Rosaria’s compassionate and accepting nature, coupled with her keen understanding of the human soma (body) and psyche, as well as the bio-energetic and quantum fields allows her to meet the individual or group where they are at and lead them on a profound journey of transformation and inner-awakening. 

Warm and Caring

When you meet Rosaria you are immediately put at ease by her comfortable, easy-going nature. She genuinely loves connecting- hearing your stories and trials, and learning of your hopes and aspirations. She sees each individual as a unique expression of the Divine, a beautiful multi-faceted treasure.

A Little About Rosaria as a Person…

When Rosaria isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her husband, two girls, cats and dog. She loves experimenting in the kitchen with plant-based creations. Time in Nature is food for her soul- hiking, camping or just sitting in her garden listening to Nature. Her bucket list includes exploring the remote islands and coasts of the Pacific NW- from Northern Washington through Canada and Alaska, seeing the Northern Lights and rekindling her passion and love for salsa dancing.


“…innovative teachings and approaches to personal and collective transformation and evolution in consciousness.”

Are you ready to awaken the portal within?