Sacred Embodiment™ Immersive Experience
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Sacred Embodiment   Immersive Experience

How to Use this Immersive Program

  1. Find a comfortable place where you will not be interrupted for the next 45 minutes
  2. You may sit or lie down
  3. If you choose you may watch the visuals as they can help facilitate entrainment into a theta brain state, also known as a deep meditative state
  4. Or, you may choose to close your eyes and listen to the audio alone
  5. You do not need to remain actively mentally engaged in the material, simply allow the material to wash over you. You may even experience this program nightly as you fall asleep, inviting this conscious expansion into your dreamtime
  6. Come back to experience this program again and again, as the cumulative effect can be amazingly profound. Listen to your own body and psyche to determine how much time you need between viewings for complete integration. This is a powerful transformative program
  7. Relax and enjoy!

Disclaimer: DO NOT drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this recording. This material is intended for educational purposes and does not take the place of medical or psychological advice. 

What is it?

This immersive experience came forth in response to the challenging times the world has been going through. As we find ourselves in major worldly upheaval, it is clear that humanity is undergoing a profound shift in consciousness. This immersive experience is a tool that you may utilize to constructively and deliberately participate in our conscious evolution. The tones, words and vibration serve as a blueprint for this expansion in consciousness, all you need to do is receive.

How Does it Work?

We have put together divinely inspired teachings in a multi-sensory experience that allows you, in an enjoyable way, to effortlessly drop into the truest essence of who you are, easily accessing clarity, wisdom, and the felt experience of peace and ease. By shifting vibrationally in this way and deeply connecting to your heartfield you bypass the cognitive mind to awaken a portal within yourself. Thus, reuniting with that part of you that is not fully known by your intellect. It is that All-Wise Beingness where your True Self resides. By shifting in perspective and reuniting with your innate intelligence you become more deeply embodied, your nervous system becomes more coherent and you return to your true state of wholeness, peace and ease.

Why is This Work Important?

This state of consciousness is the greatest gift the world can receive at this time, which is why we are offering it completely free of charge. The way we see it, this is an investment in the future of humanity. So, please pass this on to your friends and anyone you think may enjoy and benefit from this transformative immersive experience.


All you need to do to gain the full benefits of this program is relax and allow the words, tones and images to bathe over and through you. By coming back to this experience again and again the cumulative effect can be amazingly profound.

Benefits You May Experience:

  • Ignite your inner-knowing and wisdom


  • Feel alignment with your true self


  • Restored feelings of peace and hope


  • Better sleep


  • A sense of ease and calm throughout your entire being


  • Think with more clarity 


  • Creative insights and inspiration come forth


  • And so much more…

We hope you enjoy the process and may this gift bless your life and the lives of those around you.

Special Thanks to:



  • James Hood- for creating the beautiful music for this piece and for allowing me the use of Tatiana’s incredible artwork