Sacred Embodiment™ PODS
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Sacred Embodiment   PODS

Live online 10-week program harnessing the power of the collective field created during group sessions, for profound personal and planetary transformation.


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    Online Sacred Embodiment Group Sessions:

    What is it?

    A small group of individuals will gather online weekly for 10 weeks, from the comfort of their own homes. 


    Rosaria, founder of Sacred Embodiment, will facilitate the sacred experience of being valued and held in the intentional field of a collective group of individuals who are all gathering for the same purpose- personal and planetary growth and transformation. 


    Awakening the Portal Within…

    “…personal and planetary growth and transformation.”

    How does it work?

    Each session starts with a collective grounding and focused intention for the group and the planet. Then you will dive into the material presented that week, rich with experiential exercises and opportunities to share.


    You will learn new skills and techniques to shift and release old patterns of behaviors and thoughts, while embracing expansive, life promoting visions and experiences for yourself and the planet.


    Sessions will build on each other as we work through the 7 key principles of Sacred Embodiment Work: 


    1. Releasing Trauma and Transforming Stressors 
    2. Restoring Coherency to your Nervous System
    3. Becoming Aware of and Working with Your Personal Energy
    4. Shifting to a Heart Centered Focus
    5. Learning to Listen and Trust Yourself (Your Intuition and Impulses, the Voice Within)
    6. Restoring/Developing/Deepening Healthy Life-Promoting Connections to Others
    7. Restoring/Deepening your Connection to the Earth

    “This sacred circle is a life changing experience.”

    Class size is limited to an intimate group so that each individual has the opportunity to be seen and heard. A safe and therapeutic container of trust and complete confidentiality is maintained and agreed upon by all participants. This sacred circle is a life changing experience.

    A powerful catalyst of change is created with each 

    Sacred Embodiment POD experience, 

    Awakening the Portal Within…

    “I feel so much lighter, free and truly me! And I know I am not the only one”

    “Being held within the sacred setting that Rosaria establishes during group work is healing in itself. These group sessions have been one of the rare experiences in my life of feeling really seen and completely accepted for who I am. I have been able to process and release so much old baggage. I feel so much lighter, free and truly me! And I know I am not the only one. Thank you so much for this opportunity for deep healing, I am eternally grateful!”


    – MM La Jolla, CA

    “Deeply transformative experience!”

    “Working alongside other individuals who are all committed to improving themselves and helping heal our world has been an amazing experience! I would recommend signing up for a Sacred Embodiment POD Experience to anyone who is looking for a deeply transformative experience!”


    – FG Albuquerque, NM

    “Master course for the soul! I feel liberated and on purpose!”

    “I signed up for the SE POD Group Sessions because it was the most affordable route for me to get to work with Rosaria for an extended period of time. I honestly didn’t know the depth of how much I would get out of it. It has been a life changing experience! The intentional way Rosaria holds the group allowed all of us to really settle into a level of trust and connection I didn’t know was possible. It was like a master course for the soul! I feel liberated and on purpose!  Charged and ready for life in a deeply anchored way! Thank you!”


    – SH Hudson, NY