Sacred Embodiment™ Sessions
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Sacred Embodiment™ Private Sessions

Create a Rich and Meaningful Life…Awaken the Portal Within

Imagine you could…

  • Have a life filled with purpose and meaning


  • Be free from the shackles and pain from the past 


  • Build deeper more satisfying relationships


  • Experience joy, inner calm and serenity on a daily basis


  • Feel deeply connected to yourself, loved ones and this magnificent Earth


  • Know your life is making a difference in the world

You will feel at ease, fully supported and unconditionally accepted as you work with Rosaria.

Rosaria’s guiding principle is that Wisdom, Health and Wholeness are always present within each individual and are always seeking to be expressed. In a compassionate, warm and caring way Rosaria helps you to hear your innate intelligence and inner-voice again (she believes we are all born automatically knowing that inner voice but “un-learn” it along the way). Rosaria’s inclusive, non-judging manner allows you to feel instantly at home and supportedRosaria combines a deep understanding of the mind-body connection with her compassionate heart and natural clairvoyance. She meets you where you are at and guides you on a deep inner journey of profound transformation

and return to health and wholeness on all levels of being- mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. 

Experience Deep and Lasting Change

If you desire a rich and meaningful life but don’t know how to overcome the current hurdles in your life, you are not alone. Rosaria’s more than 20 years of working with individuals and groups from all walks of life has proven that deep transformation and healing isn’t only possible but there absolutely is a Truth within you waiting to be revealed


A life free from suffering,

A life filled with joy and peace and ease, 

A life filled with rich and deep and meaningful experiences, 

A powerful, abundant, amazing life,

Is awaiting you!

Rosaria brings a depth of love, respect and integrity

“Though Rosaria’s certifications would fill an entire wall, her work is not a matter of applying this or that technique. What you actually experience is a seamless tapestry of energy work that is totally unique to her. The sophistication and finesse of her practice is something you can feel whether in person or at a distance. The verbal imagery and simple follow-up suggestions she gives so that you can continue to progress on your own are priceless and travel well! Rosaria brings a depth of love, respect and integrity that is healing in and of itself. She is truly a treasure.” 

– LB, Pasadena, CA

Conquering Stress and Finding Connection

“Like so many people I’ve been experiencing an unusual amount of stress. Each remote appointment with Rosaria has been very soothing. They’ve given me greater self awareness and the ability to care for myself to get through old and new stress.  It’s a day by day process during the Covid19 pandemic. I’m grateful for access to greater calm, and helpful connections with my own being, that are opening up with Rosaria’s deep and gentle guidance.”

– BW, Castiac, CA 

Living From My Truth

I continue to be amazed by how much potency comes through your gentle, nurturing vibrational healing presence. Our one-to-one session helped me to see into myself even more clearly and open more fully to all that I have been receiving, so that I can live as I truly am. Thank you, for this wonderful gift!”

– RS, San Diego, CA

Sacred Embodiment™ Private Sessions  

Rosaria will lead you on a journey of inner exploration as you explore the hurdles and places that have kept you stuck in the past, as well as your resources (the internal and external gifts and strengths that help buoy and carry you through life). Together you will address your being on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

In a very personalized way you will dive deep into the 7 Key Aspect of Sacred Embodiment Work:

1. Releasing Trauma and Transforming Stressors 


2. Restoring Coherency to your Nervous System


3. Becoming Aware of and Working with Your Personal Energy


4. Shifting to a Heart Centered Focus


5. Learning to Listen and Trust Yourself (Your Intuition and Impulses, the Voice Within)


6. Restoring/Developing/Deepening Healthy Life-Promoting Connections to Others


7. Restoring/Deepening your Connection to the Earth

Experience true freedom, health and wholeness. 

  • Unravel the toxic habits of thought, stress, worry and past traumas from your being


  • Empower yourself and transform patterns of immobility and overwhelm 


  • Challenge and eliminate limiting beliefs


  • Create profound shifts that lead to lasting change and transformation

Return to a state of Presence and access the innate intelligence and peace that lies within you.  

Live deeply embodied and anchored in a radiant life

The goal of working together is for you to uncover the innate Health and Wisdom that is always within you. You will learn to live tapped into and in-tune with your brilliant lifeforce, living the powerful life you are meant to live. In other words, Sacred Embodiment work is designed for you to reconnect with your True Self and live a deeply embodied, anchored and radiant life.

The Benefits of 1:1 Sacred EmbodimentTM  Session are:

  • Live in harmony with your True Self


  • Experience a life filled with vitality and creativity


  • Tap into your innate resources and find greater fulfillment in your life


  • Live a heart-centered life filled with grace, ease, peace, and love


  • Experience a deeper connection to yourself, others and Mother Earth

Are you ready to feel whole, complete and on purpose?

Look in the mirror each morning and see reflecting back a radiant you that is full of life, vitality and excitement for the life you are living and contributing to the world.

Awake the Portal Within…