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“In our first meeting, I was a bit nervous meeting and discussing fairly intimate feelings with a new person. However, in very short order Rosaria’s ability to empathize and her professionalism allowed me to relax and get great benefit. I am very happy working with Rosaria, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking lasting improvements in their life!”

– LS, Carlsbad, CA

“Miracles and insights are being revealed everyday…I feel like Dorothy and I am on my way home. Thank you for being my Scarecrow- those flying monkeys were awful and scary- I am so glad that I didn’t have to battle them alone!”

– SP, La Jolla, CA

“I appreciate you SO MUCH!!! I am telling all my friends about you!”

– NR, San Diego, CA

“Since October 2017 I have been receiving sessions from Rosaria Cabrera. I have found each session with her invaluable, giving me a wonderful depth of peace unlike anything else I have experienced. She has an amazing calm, beautiful presence. I have no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly.”

– GW, Pasadena, CA

“Rosaria Cabrera is a remarkably gifted and intuitive therapist. During the weeks that followed my first session, I experienced increased energy and vitality, as well as a deeper connection to my emotions. My body is still vibrating with a sense of wellness and balance. I highly recommend Rosaria to anyone who is looking for a caring, qualified and talented practitioner.”

– CG, Altadena, CA

“I believe that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. For many year’s and countless hours I have worked to open my heart, understand the word love, and not fear being vunerable. In one session with Rosaria, I was shown my infant self — received him — released the darkness around my birth, and was shown I no longer needed the “Darkside Warrior” to protect me. Words cannot express the feeling that brought over my entire body, and what joy it brought to me knowing that I had progressed down my path by taking one very large step. After completing the session and as I move about now I feel a different even lighter energy flowing through me, and a constant reminder that each of us are connected, and when the time is right we are joined together to allow us to view our path, as it was meant to be viewed. Rosaria Cabrera is an “Absolute Awesome Spiritual Healer” and with great passion I recommend her to you for Spiritual Guidance.”

– PP, San Diego, CA

“Rosaria has a tremendous ability to be totally present with the client and, at the same time, deeply in tune with the divine. This ability creates a flow of wisdom that gracefully and efficiently accomplishes exactly what the client needs. Her words and her actions are so in alignment with the divine it is clear to me that Rosaria is a physical world being who is here to speak the wisdom and provide the healing and transformation that the non-physical world has to offer.”

– AH, San Diego, CA

“I continue to be amazed by how much potency comes through your gentle, nurturing vibrational healing presence. Our one-to-one session helped me to see into myself even more clearly and open more fully to all that I have been receiving, so that I can live as I truly am. Thank you, for this wonderful gift!”

– RS, San Diego

“Rosaria, you have helped me so much! My Spirit loves you! You are Magnificent! Keep teaching and healing!”

– L.L. New York, NY

“Rosaria is a gifted and highly intuitive healer. I have worked with her for the past few months now. My system is particularly prone to extreme flight or fight response when it is under stress. I recently had two surgeries in which my body went into red alert and was in full blown panic. Normally, only a dose of a strong anti-anxiety drug can bring me back to center and calm. However, after my first surgery, Rosaria worked with me and soon had me feeling very calm and relaxed. I have to admit I would not have believed that it was possible given my history with panic and anxiety. Rosairia has a very clear energy and is completely present with you at all times. After every session with her my nervous system felt restored and relaxed. I highly recommend her, she always seems to know exactly what my system needs.”

– KB Altadena, CA

“Though Rosaria’s certifications would fill an entire wall, her work is not a matter of applying this or that technique. What you actually experience is a seamless tapestry of energy work that is totally unique to her. The sophistication and finesse of her practice is something you can feel whether in person or at a distance. The verbal imagery and simple follow-up suggestions she gives so that you can continue to progress on your own are priceless and travel well! Rosaria brings a depth of love, respect and integrity that is healing in and of itself. She is truly a treasure, in person or from afar.”

– LB, Pasadena, CA

“Like so many people I’ve been experiencing an unusual amount of stress. Each remote appointment with Rosaria has been very soothing. They’ve given me greater self awareness and the ability to care for myself to get through old and new stress. It’s a day by day process during the Covid19 pandemic. I’m grateful for access to greater calm, and helpful connections with my own being, that are opening up with Rosaria’s deep and gentle guidance.”

– BW, Castiac, CA

“Being held within the sacred setting that Rosaria establishes during group work is healing in itself. These group sessions have been one of the rare experiences in my life of feeling really seen and completely accepted for who I am. I have been able to process and release so much old baggage. I feel so much lighter, free and truly me! And I know I am not the only one. Thank you so much for this opportunity for deep healing, I am eternally grateful!”

– MM La Jolla, CA

“Working alongside other individuals who are all committed to improving themselves and helping heal our world has been an amazing experience! I would recommend signing up for a Sacred Embodiment POD Experience to anyone who is looking for a deeply transformative experience!”

– FG Albuquerque, NM

“I signed up for the SE POD Group Sessions because it was the most affordable route for me to get to work with Rosaria for an extended period of time. I honestly didn’t know the depth of how much I would get out of it. It has been a life changing experience! The intentional way Rosaria holds the group allowed all of us to really settle into a level of trust and connection I didn’t know was possible. It was like a master course for the soul! I feel liberated and on purpose!  Charged and ready for life in a deeply anchored way! Thank you!”

– SH Hudson, NY

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